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FLS2006 Contributions

The FLS2006 workshop will comprise talks given in the plenary sessions as well as working group contributions. The workshop contributions will be published within the JACOW (www.jacow.org) system.

Plenary presentations should be accompanied with a paper written according to the JACOW rules. There will be no page limit for these papers. Abstract submission is required until 23 April 2006, while the paper should be uploaded until 19 May 2006.

Working group presentations may be accompanied with a 3 page paper written according to JACOW rules. Abstract submission before 23 April 2006 is strongly encouraged. If the working group contribution includes a formulated paper this should be uploaded by 19 May 2006.

Spontaneous or short term contributions to the working groups are welcome and necessary to keep the workshop spirit. In many cases such contributions will consist of a set of transparencies, e.g. in PowerPoint format. To ensure proper publication within the JACOW system these contributions require a minimum of additional information: title, author, affiliation and a short abstract. The scientific secretary of the working groups will assist authors in uploading this information to the JACOW database during the workshop.

In all cases presentations can be uploaded prior to the workshop. Latest, they are required to be handed to the scientific secretary before the corresponding sessions. Presentations in PowerPoint, Word, PDF or PS format will be accepted. For publication each presentation will be converted into PDF format.

Summary of presentation and publication options and dates

  Plenary Talk Working Group Announced Working Group Spontaneous Summary Talk Project Poster
  Format ------------- Deadlines -------------
Abstract JACoW 23 April 2006 19 May 2006 23 April 2006
Paper WORD, LaTeX 19 May 2006 1 July 2006 19 May 2006
Presentation PowerPoint, WORD, LaTeX, PDF, Postscript 15 May 2006 - 19 May 2006 19 May 2006 15 May 2006
- 19 May 2006
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  15 May 2006
- 19 May 2006
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