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Abstract Submission

All workshop contributions will be managed using the JACoW Scientific Program Management System (SPMS). All authors must own a profile and associated account within the JACoW Repository, prior to submitting an abstract. Via the link below, follow the instructions to check whether you already own a JACoW profile and associated account, create these if it is not already the case, and follow the instructions to submit your abstract(s).

You can go directly to the abstract submission site. Please log in here.
After successful log in click on "Manage Abstracts" and follow the link named "Submit a new Abstract".

Guidelines for the Submission of Abstracts

Abstract Title: Enter the abstract title using headed capital letters.

Presentation Type: Possible presentation types are Poster (for laboratory reports only), Oral Working Group Contribution or Plenary Talk for invited speakers.
Main Classification: All contributions are grouped by classifications. Please select laboratory report for a poster presentation. For a working group contribution please choose the appropriate working group. Invited speakers should select plenary talk.

Abstract Text: 1200 characters are allowed.

Footnotes: Should not exceed 200 characters. For example enter references to publications etc. Please do not enter names of co-authors in the footnotes box. Co-Authors can be added after the abstract has been submitted.

Funding Agency: If necessary enter funding agency and contract.

Click on Save Changes to submit the abstract.

Please note: Special characters like Greek symbols, superscripts or subscripts cannot be handled through the electronic submission over the Web. Authors are requested to avoid using them.

Modify Abstract/Add Co-authors, etc.: After the abstract has been submitted, a new window allows authors to print, edit, enter co-authors and designate them as primary authors or speakers/presenters. The abstract can also be withdrawn if necessary. It is possible to login at a later stage to edit the abstract or add/remove co-authors. If a person other than the submitting author would present the paper then this should be mentioned as well.

Abstract Submission

Questions concerning the abstract submission may be addressed to the workshop editor, Michaela Marx.