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Working Groups

Working Groups

Two days are devoted to working groups:


Storage ring based synchroton radiation sources
Chair: K. Harkay, A. Ropert

Time Table for WG1


Energy Recovery Linac based synchrotron radiation sources
Chair: G. Hoffstaetter, S. Smith

Time Table for WG2


Free Electron Lasers
Chair: Z. Huang, L. Serafini

Time Table for WG3


Low emittance electron guns
Chair: W. Graves, M. Krasilnikov, F. Stephan

Time Table for WG4


Beam diagnostics and stability
Chair: J. Byrd, D. Nölle

Time Table for WG5


Insertion devices / New radiation source types
(depending on participation)

No Time Table available for WG6.
WG6 has been cancelled.

Upon registration you will be asked to register for two working groups. Depending on participation working groups will run either one or two days. Please submit abstracts for oral presentations for the working group(s) of your interest at your earliest convenience.